2006 Spring Banquet Celebration


A joyous crowd of 400 members and their family and friends gathered at the Great Wall Restaurant on March 4th, 2006.


The day began at 12:00 noon with the trational Yee Adincestor Ceremony held at the Phoenix Yee Fung Toy Association Building.


The evening included a 9-course banquet dinner and the annual Scholarship Awards presentations.   The US Moo Kai and Hong Kong Five Tong Association Scholarships were also awarded.         We would like to congratulate parents and students for their hard work in earning this recognition.   


Master of ceremonies, Jack F. Yee, conducted the evening program in English and Toisanese.     President Benny Yee gave a message including well-wishes of good health, happiness, and prosperity for the 2006 New Year.     President Yee presented ¡§Lucky Money¡¨ to the oldest Yee male/female members and youngest Yee male/female members.   It was fun to see the ¡§Lucky¡¨ family members recognized.   


The Phoenix Yee Association officers, elders, and HQ Officer offered toasts to the joyous members and friends as they celebrated the Year of the Dog.    Every Year, the Phoenix Yee Fung Toy spring banquet is the largest Chinese New Year celebration in the Phoenix Chinese community.  


Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!.