The Phoenix Branch History

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The Yee Fung Toy Association began in San Franciso as the main branch over 100 years ago.  There are currently 13 subsidiary associations across the United States.  The purpose of the Yee Association is to have gatherings and keep the family together to provide manpower and growth to assist the society.  They are funded by donations and charity.

The Phoenix branch began in 1961 that only consisted of a few members.  During the past ten years the association has grown due to immigration and American born Chinese.  The association is gradually growing as the years progress.  The mixture of young and elderly people helps develop a good community relationship between family members.

In 1988 the association purchased property located on 16th Street north of Thomas.  Annual celebrations are held at this location.

An annual banquet is provided in the spring.  Also an annual picnic is held in October in which all Yee family members and guests are invited.

Eight years ago, the association developed a women's club.  The responsibility of the club was developed to include preparation of food and organizing for various types of festivals, buffet lunches and picnics.  The women work very well together and we are proud of them.

The parent company in San Francisco encourages the Yee brothers and sisters to study hard and get a good education.  So when they graduate, they may help promote a better society with their good workmanship.  The association also recognizes top high school graduates with a scholarship each year.

The association encourages all young people to become members to develop and build a brighter future and keep it growing.


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