Seattle YFT in Toisan Chinese   image of Yurt Village

Seattle-Vancouver Youth Camp Photo Report

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image of youths from Vancouver
Youths from Vancouver
image of youths from Seattle
Youths from Seattle
image of poker game before dinner
Poker game before dinner
image of exterior of yurt
Exterior of yurt
image of cooking with Martin
Cooking with Martin
image of cooking with Fred
Cooking with Fred
image of Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim
image of sitting around
Sitting around
image of adults at beach
Adults at beach
image of youths at beach

Youths at beach

image of inside a yurt

Inside a yurt

image of bunk beds in yurt

Bunk beds in yurt


Six families gathered at the Kayak Point County Park Yurt Village on Saturday afternoon (July 31, 2004), 3 from Vancouver and 3 from Seattle, as well as Uncle Jim and Aunt Jenny who did not stay over night. Two yurts were assigned to the youth (one for the boys and one for the girls), and the rest for the adults and a young family.


We all drove our own cars to the Park, which was easy to locate using the directions from the web site.

Food and Cooking

Lan did the food planning and Clara helped with the shopping. Everyone helped out with the cooking and cleaning up. We had a whole wild salmon, marinated flank steak, chicken (wings and steak), and very plump sausages on the BBQ for dinner. For breakfast the next morning we had salmon omelet. Everything was delicious!


The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed the walks down to the beach. There were 9 youths ranging in age from 5 to 23. They got along very well and had a lot of fun. Before starting dinner we all sat in a circle. Following a round of self-introductions, Uncle Jim spoke led a discussion on the Yee Fung Toy Family Association.


Yurt cost 6 x $40 + $45 (the one with a deck) = $285

Food cost = $230

Total cost = $515 (all in US dollars).

Plans for Next Year

We plan to get more youth and families out next year, and have booked the 9 yurts for August 13, 2005. We could accommodate 40 people quite comfortably. We will need to promote the camp, especially to the Scholarship stidents, past and present, from both Seattle and Vancouver. See invitation.