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Jason Yee's involvement in Phoenix Chinese community

Jason Yee

Jason Yee just finished the run of Revenge of a King. It was a Hip Hop theater piece based on Shakespeare's Hamlet. Over all he think it was a success.

Phoenix, AZ ¡V Participating in his second production with the Black Theatre Troupe of Phoenix this season, Jason Yee reaffirms his position in the art world. The latest production, Revenge of the King, directed and choreographed by Steve Broadnax, featured Yee as a radio DJ. Working the turn tables is not new to Yee as he has been skilled in the practice for over 10 years. His professional DJ capabilities, along with his theatrical experience made him the perfect fit for the job. In addition to his cast member position Yee served as the musical director for the production, aiding in the music and lyrical production. The hip hop musical portrayal of Shakespeare¡¦s Hamlet ran successfully for three weekends in January at the Playhouse on the Park in downtown Phoenix hosting both matinee and evening performances.

Yee's involvement with the Black Theatre Troupe production group also includes serving as a percussion accompanist. His ability to play multiple instruments has helped him to venture into different circles both here in Phoenix as well as abroad. He has played several conferences as well as performing as an accompaniment to touring artists.

Yee is also skilled in many other facets of the theatre and production. He has served the community in aiding many events through stage design as well as stage direction. For all of his efforts and talents the community thanks him for his unending dedication to the arts in the community.

Krystin Yee

Jason Yee have a passion for connecting with people through music. "I like to play drums, guitar, piano and even sing a little. I enjoy being a music director and studio/live musician. My hobbies include audio/visual production and DJing".

Phoenix YFT at the YFT 23rd National Convention

On August 8, 2009 thirteen representatives arrived in New York City for the 23rd Annual National Yee Fung Toy Family Association convention. Included was Grand Elder John M. Yee and delegates: Eddie Yue - YFT Chapter Advisor and Regional Secretary US West of the World YFT Web Committee, Willie Yee - YFT Chapter Advisor, David M. Yee - YFT Chapter Vice President and Vice Chair of the World YFT Web Committee, and Rudy Yee - YFT Chapter President.

The five day event hosted by the New York chapter held its opening ceremony in the heart of Manhattan¡¦s Chinatown at the New York YFT building. The festivities included offerings to the revered ancestor as well as an awe inspiring lion dance that consumed the entire block by Yee's Hung Ga and Tai Chi School from Park Slope, Brooklyn. The opening ceremony was followed by a feast on ten roast pigs, as well as other delicacies, at the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association also in Manhattan¡¦s Chinatown. The day was concluded with a dinner at Jing Fong restaurant, which was attended by over 900 guests including all convention members as well as many of New York YFT¡¦s closest friends. The evening included dinner, dancing and joyous celebration.

The convention continued with the same amount of enthusiasm on everyone's part. The delegates were able to catch up on their fellow chapter¡¦s news as well as plan and organize for upcoming years. The rest of the convention goers were taken on a well planned tour of New York City which included many of the main points of interest on a tourists list of places to go. No matter the subject of the meeting or the number of purses bought it was always comforting to know that all would be reunited at a wonderfully filling dinner.

Cortney N. Yee

Phoenix Yee's and friends visit Rupert Jee's Hello Deli in New York
(During the Yee Fung Toy National Convention)

(L-R) Cortney Yee, Krystin Yee, Rupert
                    Jee, Mary Ann Yee and Mary Paisley.

Picture: Phoenix Yee¡¦s and friends visit Rupert Jee's Hello Deli in New York during the Yee Fung Toy National Convention
(L-R) Cortney Yee, Krystin Yee, Rupert Jee, Mary Ann Yee and Mary Paisley.

Fans of Late Night with David Letterman will recognize Rupert Jee and his Hello Deli in Manhattan. A native New Yorker, Jee became a regular feature on CBS¡¦s Late Night with David Letterman when the show began 18 years ago.

Growing up in New York, Jee enjoyed eating at the delicatessens and their giant sandwiches. His parents owned a laundry business in the garment district, which gave Jee a chance to work as a part time garment designer. However, his true love was Blimpies and giant sandwiches. This gave way to the dream of owning a delicatessen. He found a place and opened Hello Deli around the corner from the CBS Ed Sullivan Theatre.

During the second year of the David Letterman Show, the CBS camera crew paid a surprise visit to Jee¡¦s Hello Deli and the rest, as they say, is history. The visits to the deli were at least once a week with Jee aiding Letterman interviewing and awarding the now famous "Hello Deli" Party Platter.

During our visit with Rupert, many customers would express their enjoyment in the segments that they had viewed on the Late Night show. Many requested to have their picture taken with him while he stood behind the counter.

Today, Rupert Jee and David Letterman remain good friends and tapings still happen one to two times a month. Look for them on the CBS Late Night Show with David Letterman.

Krystin Yee