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                        Cai Middle School 開平市風采校園生活


Mo Kai




南加省余風采堂一年一度的郊遊活動已於八月廿五日(星期六)在蒙市 BARNES PARK 公園舉行。 一百四十多名宗親們熱烈參加。

首先經漢主席歡迎大家積極參與, 並介紹新當選的美東總長余文博伉儷及美西總長余國恩伉儷給大家認識。

當日我們的郊遊活動除了品嘗了美味的午餐、體驗及練習了太極運動課程外, 還提供了各種專為青年喜歡玩的遊戲以及抽獎活動。


YFT Chapter - Yee Clan Association Activity Reports

Southern California Yee Family Association 2018 Picnic


The Southern California Yee Family Association held its Annual Picnic on Saturday, August 25, 2018 at Barnes Park, Monterey Park, CA. Over 140 Yee’s gathered on a perfectly warm but not blazing hot Southern California day.

Our President Jing Han Yu greeted our guest and also introduced our special guest, Kenneth M. Yee (Yee Fung Toy Eastern Grand President), and Kenny Yee (Yee Fung Toy Western Grand President).

We enjoyed great food as well as a morning tai chi exercise session lead by Thomas as well as a raffle (hosted by Grand Elder Alan Yee and his wife Edith Yee) and variety of games for the youth. The water balloon toss turned into a water balloon fight but we will not blame Vice President John Yu, English Secretary Warren Yee or Next Generation Chair Chao Yu for the ruckus.

Kenny Q. Yee, Southern California

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