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Yee Chung-sheung Ancestor Hall Rehabilitation Ceremony Activity Program


Place Activities

November 10
12 Noon Start
Everjoint Peninsula Hotel Reception Area Registration、Check-in、 Free time activity at your leisure

 6:00 PM
Everjoint Peninsula Hotel Kaiping Welcome Dinner
8:30 PM
Everjoint Peninsula Hotel Conference Room Preliminary Meeting (Attended by Group Leaders)

November 11
8:00 AM
Everjoint Peninsula Hotel Restaurant Breakfast ( included in hotel package )。

 9:30 AM
Assemble at Everjoint Peninsula Hotel Lobby Travel to Mo Kai Middle School in Taishan

10:00 AM
Mo Kai Middle School Attends the school anniversary ceremony

12:00 Noon
Mo Kai Middle School Sports Stadium Buffet Lunch

 2:00 PM
To be decided
Sightseeing in Taishan(TBD)

6:00 PM
Taishan Country Garden Phoenix Hotel
Dinner with guests from the Taishan Government

November 12 
8:00 AM
Everjoint Peninsula Hotel Restaurant Breakfast ( included in hotel package )。

10:00 AM
Yee Chung-sheung Ancestor Hall
Rehabilitation Ceremony

12:00 Noon
Yee Chung-sheung Ancestor Hall Ancestor Ceremony Banquet

2:00 PM
Kaiping Diaolou (Liyuan Garden)、Fung Toy Overseas Chinese Middle School in Kaiping Sightseeing

6:00 PM
Everjoint Peninsula Hotel Kaiping Dinner with guests from the Kaiping Government

November 13 

Breakfast ( included in hotel package )。
Ancestor Hall Activity Program Concluded
Wish everyone a safe and pleasant trip home。            

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Kaiping       余錦照:86-13555616689
Hong Kong:余紹凱:852-91842332
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Liyuan Garden, a super garden of overseas Chinese:

Liyuan Garden - a bright pearl in the sea of gardens designed by Overseas Chinese, is the one with unique architectural style which can well match tbe Four Famous Gardens in Guangdong.

Situated at Tangkou Town, Kaiping City, a noted hometown for overseas Chinese, and covering an area of about 20 mu, Liyuan Garden is a garden villa of the late Mr. Xie Weili, an overseas Chinese resided in the United States. This garden was built in the early 20th century.

Based on the Grand View Garden described in the Chinese classic, a Dream of Red Mansions", Liyuan takes in much of the Chinese traditional garden architecture and integrate it with the feature of European and American villas of its time, a successful combination of Chinese and the West. It aIso enjoys the reputation of being a Grand View Garden only smaller in size. The Iayout of garden consists of three parts,  Villa Zone, Grand Garden, and Little Garden.

There are five villas and a watchtower in the Zone. The exterior is composed of yeIlow waIIs, green tiIes, overhanging eaves and bucket arches which appears quite magnificent, whereas the interior Iooks comfortable and gracefuI, just like a haven of peace in the world! In both gardens, there are trees, songs of birds and scent of flowers everywhere and sights such as views from beside water, winding path leading to a secluded spots, memorial and decorated archways, birds garden, flower pavilion etc. Especially the Yupei Villa at the north west corner is really a place of attraction. Each part of the garden has a sty1e of its own. They are separated by water or walls, but are connected by pavilion bridges and winding corridors, which can provide much food for thought for their views within the view and gardens within the garden.

Moreover the couplets hung on the pillar and written by famous calligraphers make the garden rich in cultural connotation. Plenty of romantic and elegant clay carvings and printed murals make us feel that we are staying in a Fairyland. The scenery of the garden is so attractive that it draws a number of photographers towards it. Some of the movie scenes such as in, l Great Decisive Battle', were taken in this garden. It is really a sample exhibit of gardens of Overseas Chinese!

Due to wars before liberation Liyuan Garden was for many a time on the point of destruction. After liberation, Tao Zhu and other government leaders came to visit it in 1957. They gave instruction to protect everything of the garden. Then it became a sanitarium of Zhaoqing District in l959.

In 1983 the garden was first listed as one of the historic reservations of county grade by the PeopIe's Government of Kaiping County. In October, l999 Ms Xie Yu Yaoqiong, the widow of the garden owner wrote a letter to entrust the People's Government of Kaiping City to administer the garden for 50 years. Since then, the famous garden has been completeIy renewed and expanded.

It will eventuaIIy become one of the first-class tourist spots in China. The flowers of Overseas Chinese blossoms in their hometowns here and the South China pearl sparkles in the world. Today Liyuan Garden welcomes the honored guests from everywhere with its new charm.