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風采電子季刊 Winter 2004 Newsletter Issue 1

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Editor's Message

Jim Yee 余美湛

Welcome to the first issue of the Yee Fung Toy Global Village Voice, an electronic newsletter for the World Yee community. We plan to publish quarterly, and bring you news and stories about and by Yee Family members around the world. Of course, if you already surf the 'net and visit the Yee Fung Toy websites regularly, you would have come across most of these stories already. So one purpose of this newsletter is to make these stories available to those without regular access to the Internet by distributing printed copies. But we also hope to spur greater interest and ownership of the Yee Family websites with a quarterly publication. Please give it a read and let know how it can be improved to serve you. Better yet, send me stories suitable for publication, or volunteer your talents to make this a better publication (layout, Chinese translation and input, etc).

We have settled upon a certain format with the newsletter; we hope you like it. The first few stories are news items of significance to the Family Association: opening of the Elegantia College in Hong Kong in November, Youth Camp in Seattle and Seniors’ Day Trip in Vancouver during the summer (both first time ventures for these chapters). Somewhat more standard features will be these sections:

  • Reports from Yee Fung Toy Association chapters
  • Stories of Personal Achievements and Awards received by Yee Family members
  • Potential and actual stories of making personal connections to the Yee Family

We need your feedback, first so we know this first issue is reaching someone who is interested in receiving future issues. Secondly, if you can fill out the Feedback Form and return it to editor @ will be able to take up on your suggestions and improve future issues.


Getting this newsletter started would not be possible without the support and help from a lot of people. I will single out the following for their outstanding contributions:

  • Mr. Johnson Yee, Founding Chairman of the Yee Family Association, who sponsored the World Yee website at the 2nd World Yee Family Convention, which led me to propose the newsletter as a stimulant to keeping the website contents fresh.
  • The Board of Directors of the Yee Fung Toy Society of Canada (Chairman Kan Yu, Vice-Chair James Yu, and Secretary Wing Yee) for their support and contributions in articles and Chinese input and translation assistance.
  • Mr. Fred Yee of the Seattle Yee Family Association for sharing the vision since 1997 (when the Yee Fung Toy website was just a scribbled diagram in my notebook).
  • Mr. Ken Lam for all around help, from conceptual brainstorming to inspired translations.

This newsletter owes a great debt of gratitude to the above for its birth. I hope the effort has been worth it, and we will see the newsletter take root and flourish.

Message from a Vice-Chair of the Yee Fung Toy Society of Canada

James Yu 余金星

I am very pleased to learn that the first issue of the Yee Fung Toy e-magazine quarterly is made available on the internet. With support from the World Yee Organization, we have a clear picture and a proper direction to proceed with making this e-magazine circulate around the world. It has a tremendous potential to connect all Yee family members together and enrich our family associations worldwide.

Technically speaking, we have all these young people in our associations who are knowledgeable about computers and the wide web world. I am sure if they would come out and contribute their expertise, we would be half way successful to running an e-magazine online. On the other hand, we must have those peoples who are willing to write and submit their articles to nurture the magazine on a quarterly basis.

Reading the Fung Toy Monthly magazine from mainland China, I know we have people who are very capable of writing on almost any issue. They come from everywhere and anywhere. I encourage them to participate in the online magazine by sending in their contributions on a regular basis. Furthermore, I would like to ask the Board secretaries from each chapter to be our representatives in their local area to collect articles and submit to our web master Mr. Jim Yee on a quarterly basis to make this e-magazine a global village ambassador.


余美湛 (林國光譯)

首先歡迎大家來到風采電子季刊的創刊號。 這是世界各余氏宗親團体的電子訊報; 將會每三個月出版一次,報導余氏宗親在全球的消息和活動。 當中部份的消息是取材於個別的余氏宗親網站。我們希望把這本電子季刊印刷出版,以便將消息交到未有上網的堂 友手中。我們更希望藉此季刊的出版, 鼓勵各余氏宗親網站加強其內容。但是最重要的還是大家的閱讀和意見。我們更歡迎各堂友來稿,報導余氏宗親之 活動和消息、或參與出版工作。

季刊的內容將以主題報導被受注意的消息。 即如本期所報導香港風采中學的開幕禮、美國舍路青年營、及加拿大溫哥華的耆英旅行。 每期亦會定期報導各分堂的活動、介紹及表揚余姓人氏的成就、與及個別余氏和宗親堂所的團聚故事。

們的意見就是季刊的動力。 創刊號的讀者尤其重要,這裡特別附上意見問卷。 希望大家填妥後交回季刊編輯,好讓我們從意見中學習和改善。

  1. 世界余氏宗親總會主席余健倫先生; 季刊的主意就是在第二屆世界余氏懇親大會上討論網站事宜中誕生。 余健倫先生對網站的支持就替季刊奠下了基礎。
  2. 加拿大余風采總堂理事會(包括主席 余根洙 先生、 副主席 余金星先生 和書記余榮燊先生); 稿件的編寫、校對、而至翻譯及中文輸入,都得到他們熱心的 支持。
  3. 美國舍路 余風采堂的余海量先生; 自從 1997 年起不斷將其心得分享(當時的余風采堂網站祇是幾頁草圖吧了)。
  4. 林國光先生; 由早期的構思以至文稿的翻譯都提供了不少的寶貴意見。

本季刊在這裡向他們致謝。 我亦在此期望季刊欣欣向榮。


余金星 (林國光譯)

對風采電子季刊面世,本人感到十分欣慰。 世界余氏宗親總會對季刊的支持,就給季刊定下了明確的目標,為全球余氏宗親服務。 對聯系全球余氏宗親及各風采堂會是具有莫大的潛力。

單以科技來說,電腦和網頁的事務都是堂所內年青人熟悉的。 他們要是能夠在這方面作出貢獻,季刊的制作必能事半功倍。常言道:「巧婦難為無米之炊」,同樣重要的就是大家為 季刊提供內容和你們的創作。

從國內風采月刊就可以看到當中人才濟濟。在此恭請他們多參與及指導。 此外我更呼籲各分堂秘書替季刊收集稿件, 交到網站主持余美湛先生(温哥華分堂主席)。 這就好讓季刊為全球余氏宗親請命。


余美湛, 林國光

香港余風采五堂會自一九六三年成立以來,秉承祖訓,對扶掖宗族子弟和教育都不遺餘力。 先以創辦國內台山武溪中學為首,繼以一百萬美元成立美加余氏子弟獎學金。 於二零零一年更與香港教評會合作,贊助港幣九百四十萬元作為創立風采中學之用。

風采中學自二零零二年九月創校以來,全體師生同心同德,為建設一所充滿關懷愛心、 富有創意的高質素學校而不斷努力,成果備受教育界、家長、社會人士所肯定。

雖然風采中學自二零零三年七月開始使用其新建校舍,校方為隆重其事,將開幕典禮定於二零零四年十一月十六日, 好讓學校有充份時間準備。開幕當日,先由香港余風采五堂會主席余健倫先生致歡迎辭。到場的嘉賓有香港教育統籌局 局長李國章教授, 以及余風采堂美加和亞洲各地的代表。莊嚴的開幕儀式後,更有一連串的學生表現,其中最具特色的,可算是由學生們 演出的一劇“風采動朝端”, 以表揚余靖公在歷史的功績。看見這樣的一所學校和余靖公的風采,都是值得我們的欣悅。

Elegantia College Grand Opening

Elegantia College (風采中學), sponsored by the Education Convergence Foundation and the Yee Fung Toy Five Tong Association (香港余風采五堂會), held its grand opening at 3:00 PM on November 16, 2004. Guests, including over 300 participants of the World Yee Family Convention, were treated to an hour long concert of drama, solo guzheng, dance, and choir performances by students followed by a tour of the school. The highlight was a dramatization of the life of the Revered Yu Jing, an ancestor of the Yee Family who earned the name Fung Toy "Elegant Demeanour" for the kind of life he led.

The highlight was a dramatization of the life of the Revered Yu Jing, an ancestor of the Yee Family who earned the name Fung Toy "Elegant Demeanour" for the kind of life he led. This became the legacy of the name for our Family Association and the Chinese name of the school.

The guests at the opening ceremony were highly impressed by the school, its students, and its staff and administrators. It has already established a reputation as being one of the best schools in its class in Hong Kong. We expect to hear great things from the school in the future! The school has an excellent website (at with up to date information on the school and its activities.

Congratulations to the school, from all of us in the World Yee community. The following message from the Yee Fung Toy Society of Canada appeared in the Vancouver edition of the Sing Tao Daily on December 13, 2004:


全加余風采總堂 同人敬賀

The Yee Fung Toy of Canada Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

The founding of the YFT in Canada 100 years ago was a direct result of Chinese immigration into British Columbia, which began in the 1850s with the discovery of gold in the Fraser valley.

Many of these early immigrants came from the provinces of Guangdong and Fujian. They sailed to San Francisco but in May of 1858 reports of the discovery of gold sent some of them to Victoria. It is reported that the first Chinese arrived in Victoria on June 28, 1858.

In 1871, as British Columbia entered confederation, it had about 3,000 Chinese within its boundaries. The immigrants were mostly men and in 1871, when the first census was taken, there were only 53 Chinese women in the province.

Victoria became a centre for Chinese immigrants either on the their way into Canada, or on their way back to China. There were enough members of the Yee Family in Victoria that in 1904 they formed an association to help out one another. They provided the most basic of services. In the beginning they would pool their resources to rent a few rooms for extended periods, so that whoever is in town from the gold mines or the railway camps would have a roof over their heads during their stays, no matter how crowded it might get. They might cook some meals together, and pass their leisure time playing Mah Jongg and smoking their water pipes. In time the association would save up enough money to buy a small property to serve as permanent quarters for the YFT of Canada in the Victoria Chinatown area.

A similar story took place in Vancouver in terms of developing a YFT House. As the commercial importance of Victoria declined, so did its Chinese population. In 1951 the YFT of Canada headquarters was moved to Vancouver Chinatown in its current location at 226 East Georgia Street.



                        directors at Canada 100th anniv


光陰似箭,自從 1858 年 6 月 28 日首批華人來到加拿大西部,而在 1871 年卑詩成為加拿大之省份。 當時,即大約百多年前,我們余氏前輩己組成有孔懷房,後稱武奚房,設立在温哥華埠佐治東街 300 號地段作為聯誼通訊之用。 及後余氏兄弟不斷增加,而當時到加之華人必經之地--- 維多利亞埠---即現今卑詩省府所在地, 一班余氏父老商量議角_光緒甲辰年即 1904 年成立加拿大第一所余風釆堂。

但時移世易, 温哥華人流速增,商務發展進步,本族首長早有遠見,幾經東奔西跑,幸得熱心父老出錢出力,終於在 1949 年購下現址,且在 1951 年 4 月 8 日全加余風采總堂在自置堂址開幕,合法成立于温哥埠。

常念百年事, 展望更風采

前人種樹後人乘, 路途糸曲拆,前途糸光明,在乘先ㄚ慁~往開來貫徹前人團結亙助,包容推動全加6所分堂相繼成立發展族務,鼓勵族 人入會使族務年青化, 開辦中文班, 教授白鶴派功夫班,醒獅團,多辦不同活動和專業講座,使大家如屋之樑,條條有用,各盡其力巨鱈h成。總堂為了鼓 勵各分堂成立獎學基金會, 得全美余風采堂第十七屆懇親大會支持, 由武奚教育福利獎學基金及香港余風采五堂會在美國獎學基金撥款以資支持全加余氏子弟之獎學基金, 經全加總堂發給各分堂,以獎勵優秀學生。

同時現在祖國余族己擁有武奚中學、風采中學及風采華僑中學, 又於 2003 年另一所風釆中學在香港開辦, 經世余總會暨香港余氏五堂會溝通,希望將來 每年歡迎世余各分會選拔優秀子弟参加每年暑期班之旅, 亙相學術交流,藉此進一步加 強下一代明白祖國 歷史及文化, 經濟發展糸一日千里。

同樣余風采堂也永遠與全僑 瓣煻c榮各地華埠, 以達敦親睦鄰共同 為未來僑社繁榮安定而努力, 使余氏更風采!

二零零四年 舍路 温哥華青年營

Ken Lam 林國光

美國西北岸的夏日,風和日麗; 正是郊遊的好季節。 美國舍路(西雅圖)分堂和加拿大温哥華分堂把握住這個好時候,來一次青年營; 好讓青年的一群認識和交流。 余海量(舍路副主席)特地為此次活動選到一個有別具特色『蒙古包』的營地。 這一來便吸引了六多個家庭(二十來人)參加。 美加各有三個家庭,平分春色。這個年頭要年青人和家長一起活動,真是好不容易。 這些年青人對今次活動的支持,亦可反影到他們對長輩的孝順,可算是值得稱讚。

當日下午(七月三十一日),各家庭分批到達後; 就先來一個自我介紹的結集。 除了讓年青人互相認識,亦把兩地情誼拉近多了。樹湛叔(美國總堂顧問)更把早年余風采堂的逸事細訴, 我等獲益良多。 這次活動食物的安排就真是感謝舍路會友的幫忙。 不但安排周全;當晚的燒烤晚餐,就算現在想起來都唾涎三尺。 飯後到沙灘散步;年青的嬉戲,男有男的高談闊論,女有女的話匣子,樂也融融!

大家圍著營火,就好像有說不完的話題、吃不盡的烤棉花糖; 又不知添了多少卡路里? 始終到了回營休息的時候,年青的; 男的一個營,女的一個營。 營內的瑣瑣細語又不知到那更天才讓星月耳根清淨。

雖是七月天時,西北區晨早的寒意還是令人斗藪。 一杯熱咖啡先把精神一振,然後再來一份熱騰騰豐富的早餐; 人又再變得生龍活虎。 這裡得再向舍路會友的細心安排致謝。 今年的青年營就在這個『意尤未盡』 的心情下結束了。

這樣精采的活動又怎可能不再『番尋味』呢? 所以兩堂會的主席已決定二零零五年的青年營會在八月十三日舉行,希望能夠容納更多的會友參加(約四十人)。 詳情請看邀請函。

Youth Camp 2004 


Seattle-Vancouver Youth Camp


Six families gathered at the Kayak Point County Park Yurt Village on Saturday afternoon (July 31, 2004), 3 from Vancouver and 3 from Seattle, as well as Uncle Jim and Aunt Jenny who did not stay over night. Two yurts were assigned to the youth (one for the boys and one for the girls), and the rest for the adults and a young family.


We all drove our own cars to the Park, which was easy to locate using the directions from the web site.

Food and Cooking

Lan did the food planning and Clara helped with the shopping. Everyone helped out with the cooking and cleaning up. We had a whole wild salmon, marinated flank steak, chicken (wings and steak), and very plump sausages on the BBQ for dinner. For breakfast the next morning we had salmon omelet. Everything was delicious!


The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed the walks down to the beach. There were 9 youths ranging in age from 5 to 23. They got along very well and had a lot of fun. Before starting dinner we all sat in a circle. Following a round of self-introductions, Uncle Jim spoke led a discussion on the Yee Fung Toy Family Association.

Plans for Next Year

We plan to get more youth and families out next year, and have booked the 9 yurts for August 13, 2005. We could accommodate 40 people quite comfortably. We will need to promote the camp, especially to the Scholarship students, past and present, from both Seattle and Vancouver.

Reflections on the Seattle-Vancouver Youth Camp

Jim Yee


Six families bracketing three generations met for a weekend of camping at the Yurt Camp. Did we have a good time? Were our expectations met? The short answers are yes and yes. Catch me in a reflective mood, though, and I will share these thoughts with you.

Life spans have been compared to many things. Camping in the middle of Summer brings to mind that a life stretches over the four seasons of the year: the Spring of birth and youth, the Summer of full adulthood, the Autumn of middle age, and the Winter of old age and decline. Fred in Seattle and I in Vancouver can be characterized as Autumn Parents with children who are middle to late Spring Youths. We have accumulated life experiences that are worth passing on to the next generation, and still enough energy to want to make the effort. I anticipate by the next phase, Winter Parents and Summer Youths, the opportunity would have disappeared.

Like most parents our age, we have done our share of trying to shape the thoughts and character of our children as they grew from babies to adolescence, and we matured from young adulthood to middle age. Unlike most parents, we have the added responsibility of shaping the next generation of the Yee Family within our respective Yee Family Associations.

Our pioneering forefathers have built up the Yee Family Associations in North America over the past 100 to 150 years. They had a burning need then for fraternity and community in this foreign and unfriendly environment, and they worked hard to build the physical and social structures to fulfill their needs. Now that the environment has changed, do we still need these structures?

We do, for many reasons. The simplest is that the world can never have too many structures that foster community. We can never have too many reminders that we are all related to one another on this planet. This is not to minimize the difficulties of maintaining and strengthening a century-old organization. We realize we have to reinterpret the organization to the next generation. If we do not succeed in reinventing the organization within our generation, it will be that much more difficult for the next. Our generation is the last one that still has some memory of the original Chinese traditions, some vestiges of Chinese linguistic skills to appreciate the values offered by the older generation. Yet hopefully our generation has also seen a glimpse of the high tech world of the 21st century and can communicate in the new media with the new generation. We are the best hope for bridging the generation gap, and pass the baton of Yee Family values to the future.

These thoughts, in some form or other, drive all youth programs throughout the organization. Fred and I wanted to join up forces and hold an annual summer camp where we can have fun, bring the generations together, and create opportunities for dialogue and community.

We have learned a lot from our first camp, and we will use our experience to improve on the second one next year.



2004 年 8 月 15 日, 温哥華余風采堂耆英舉行立堂以來首次威士拿一日遊。 是日早上約 8 時半,大家已集合在温哥華唐人街余風采堂門前等侯,時間未到 9 時,旅遊巴士已按時抵達, 在總堂顧問鍚儒夫婦,總堂主席根洙夫婦,分堂主席美湛及多位理事帶領下,各男女耆英宗親,風采校友,及親朋戚友 等一行 48 人,順序登車,9 時正,司機立即開車,沿市中心過獅門橋向北温哥華方向進發。晨早空氣清新,沿途風光秀麗,景色宜人,大家都很興 奮。經過了一叚路程後, 途中参觀一處双龍瀑布, 然後再前行,最後抵達目的地--- 威士拿滑雪勝地。 大家下車分頭参觀,并各自吃了一些午餐,約至3時左右,開車回程,沿途由美湛和金星二人介紹風景,又舉行抽獎助 興。 下午 6 時返回華埠,并假百樂酒家蝩\聯歡,8 時才盡興而散。我們旅居海外的亞公亞婆,平日子孫多數返工 上學,日常生活未免有些弧寂, 因此我們舉辦短程旅遊是有一定意義的,G且又可以亙相增加友誼,你說是嗎?

Vancouver Seniors' Trip to Whistler

At 9:00 on a sunny Sunday morning in mid August, 48 of us boarded the Greyhound bus that would take us from the Yee Fung Toy Tong in Chinatown on the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler, the site of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, for a one day outing (see Map of Vancouver to Whistler Route). Most of us were seniors including some members of the Fung Toy Alumni Association. We drove by Horseshoe Bay, Britannia Beach, Stawamus Chief Provincial Park, and Squamish. We stopped at Shannon Falls to view the impressive falls and hear the roar of tons of glacial water tearing down the side of the steep mountain. We arrived at Whistler Village just before noon and spent the next three hours exploring the place under the hot sun.

We left Whistler just before 4:00 PM, stopped to marvel at a glacier, and arrived back to Chinatown in time for dinner at the Park Lok Restaurant. Everyone enjoyed their day trip. Thanks to the Seniors Committee (led by Mr. and Mrs. Shui Chi Yu 瑞芝) and the Yee Fung Toy Board Secretary Mr. Wing Yee 榮燊 for organizing this event.


Reports from Yee Fung Toy Association chapters

The following reports of Summer and Fall activities were picked up from websites of Yee Fung Toy Association chapters in North America. To include reports of activities from your local chapter in future issues, please send them to your chapter Webmaster, or directly to the Editor of this Newsletter. We are also interested in stories from Yee Family members in Asia. For calendars of events visit the websites of specific chapters.

紐約 New York

Our 2004 annual picnic was on July 17th.

New York picnic 2004

This year we had 3 chartered buses to Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, CT.  Fun for everyone.  Rides, water park, beach, paddle boat on lake or just walk and enjoy.

Our 2004 scholarship awards were given out August 15th at Chinese Community Center.

New York scholarship awars


Kennie Yee hosted ceremony with special speaker Mr. Yun Yu.This year we broke our previous records with 116 scholarship winners. Congratulations to all and their parents.   

二埠 Sacramento

  • September19, 2004: Annual Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration.
Sacramento 2004 homage
  • September 19, 2004: Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony.We are pleased to announce that this year, 15 students received scholarships towards their education. Congratulations to all of them!  Three students were from the elementary school level (Henry, Andy, Nancy), seven students from the middle school level (Melanie, Ken-Hou, Kevin, Arthur, Jonathan, James, Jenny), three from the high school level (Simon, Jacqueline, Steven), and two were from the college level (Suk-Ann, Stephanie).  Students who came in 4th, 5th or 6th place received a complimentary award.
  • July 18, 2004:  Annual Picnic at William Land Park, Sacramento.
Sacramento picnic 2004

    About 250 people attended the picnic this year.  Everyone had fun in the sun.  There were games and goodies for children, a raffle drawing for prizes and lots of food.

  • June 13, 2004:  Dragon Boat Festival Celebration
  • The Dragon Boat Festival events included paying respects to our ancestors, a buffet lunch at our association hall and later the same evening, a dinner banquet at Rice Bowl Restaurant on Florin Road.

舍路 Seattle Yee Fung Toy Association Picnic

Fred Yee 余海量

August 1st was a nice, warm summer day for the Seattle Yee Fung Toy Picnic.  Following our tradition of many years, this year’s picnic was again held at Seattle’s Woodland Park.

Members and friends began arriving to the picnic site soon after 11:00 am.   Volunteers from many Yee family members helped setting up the picnic tables, the prize area and got the food ready for lunch.

Chapter President, Uncle Hing Yu, generously donated a whole roast pig.   Adviser Suey Yee and other volunteers ordered dishes which included chow main, fried chicken, desserts, fruits and beverages.   By noon, we estimated close to 200 people were at the picnic site ready for the festivities to begin.

The picnic began with welcoming remarks by Uncle Hing and Kit Fung Yu.   Jim Yee, Chairman of the Vancouver Yee Family Association in Canada drove down with his family and friends to participate in the picnic.  Alex Mar and Captain James Yee drove up from Olympia for the event.

While lunch was being served, Fred Yee discussed briefly about this year’s Yee Scholarships.  Over twenty students, from kindergarten through Junior in college, received scholarships from the situation totaling $1,700.  Another highlight of the picnic was the door prizes drawing which has become very popular over the years.

The Seattle and Vancouver Yees held a youth yurt camp at the Kayak Point Yurt Village, near Marysville, Washington on July 31, the day before the picnic.  This was the first time such a camp was organized.   There were 23 people participated including 9 youths.  The camp was very enjoyable and proved to be a success.  There is a plan to organize another camp for 2005.

A welcome dinner was held at 5:30 pm at the Hong’s Garden in Renton for the Vancouver Yees to conclude the activities for the day.  We look forward to having the 2005 picnic next year.

温哥華 Vancouver Picnic at Trout Lake

Vancouver picnic

About 150 people gathered at Trout Lake Park for the Vancouver Yee’s annual picnic on a clouded but sunny day on July 11. We had invited our friends from the Fung Toy Alumni Association, the Mah Benevolent Association, and the Tse’s Association. After a lunch of fried chicken followed by watermelon was served and consumed, we gave out prizes from a lucky draw. Then the fun began for the kids as they formed two teams to compete for their own prizes in some obstacle races. These races used equipment such as hoops, sacks, ball and paddles, etc. Everyone had a lot of fun. Thanks to all the volunteers who organized the food, prizes, and kids’ games.


Making Connections

This newsletter (and the website it is based on) is all about making connections. This section will explore personal connections made within the Yee Fung Toy organization, as well as outside it. In this issue we present the explorations in the form of email messages. In the next issue we will follow up on some of these messages.

Messages to the Seattle Yee Webmaster

From: "Albert H. Yee"
Date: Sun, November 28, 2004 8:59 am

Please provide your mailing address and information on possible joining. Am a Yee. Your society is the closest to my Montana residence. Also, my memoirs, Yeee-Hah!: Remembrance and Longing, will be printed soon, which may interest all Yee's. Thanks, Albert Hoy Yee

From: "Justin Yee"
Date: Tue, November 30, 2004 3:29 pm

My name is Justin Cheong Wai Yee. I found your website while searching for a picture of the original Yee.

I live in the Portland Oregon area and have two brothers up in Seattle. Is there a way that we can register with the Yee organization to receive newsletters, etc...

Is there a main contact number where we can reach a representative of the Yee Fung Toy?

One comment: I found it hilarious that you listed the Engineer of the Year award on the website. We had a Yee reunion in Hawaii a few years back and the running joke was the introduction of "My name is XXX Yee, and I'm a XXXX Engineer". In my case, I am a Mechanical Engineer and one of my brothers is an Aeronautical Engineer.

Justin Yee, MSME

Messages posted to a Yee Family name message board

Posted by Mike Yee on March 17, 2002 at 13:36:33:

Wondered if anyone has run across these names in their research. My grandfathers name was Yee Kim Sue, born in SF, CA around 1893, died Boston, MA 1943. Wife Tom Shee. Parents Yee Kung Bue and Yong Shee, born in China. All this info is based on my grandfathers record of death. Noticed on this board that names could indicate what towns, provinces family came from?
Researching chinese surnames from this period is extremely frustrating and I wonder if anyone knows any chinese associations that I could join that could help me? I live near SF and will be attending the March 30th chsa workshop in SF. Any help or leads would be very appreciated!
Mike Yee

Posted by Lisa C on March 18, 2002 at 12:10:23:

In Reply to: Re: Yee family name posted by Mike Yee on March 17, 2002 at 13:45:27:

There is a Yee family association, but I'm not sure what the name of it is in SF. Many Yee's are from Toisan. Since you're going to the workshop, the cultural center might have a listing of all the family associations. BTW, are you sure that it's not a paper name? Meaning he bought papers saying he was a Yee to get into the US? It was very common back then.

Posted by Mike Yee on March 19, 2002 at 22:45:38:

In Reply to: Re: Yee family name posted by Lisa C on March 18, 2002 at 12:10:23:

Thanks for your reply, Lisa.

After reading so much about what chinese went through in the early 1800s to mid 1900's nothing would surprise me. It seems to me that an overwhelming number of chinese from early on are 'not who they say'. Explains why its so hard gathering good information. In fact one of the biggest problems I encounter is when I get a lead on a name or something, the older chinese (with all the information, natch) refuse to talk. Of course I don't speak chinese, which would probably help. Same with the Yee family one, they answer in Chinese, won't talk to anyone who speaks English.
Anyway thanks again.

Posted by Rony Yee (Figueroa) on May 09, 2003 at 05:35:56:

In Reply to: Re: Yee family name posted by Mike Yee on March 17, 2002 at 13:45:27:

There are very Yees in Guatemala. I feel bad that I have lost almost all connections to my chinese ancestry simply because the 3 of us born to Juan Rafael Yee were raised by our Guatemalan side of the family. I once had found the passport that belonged to my grandfather, a very handsome, slim looking gentleman; unfortunately, when I moved from Guatemala to Los Angeles back in 1983, I left everything behind and I lost the only precious item that linked me to my chinese side of the family. My grandpa's passport was left tightly sealed in a glass jar in the now abandoned house where we grew up. I just wanted to share this thought...

Posted by Keith Yee ( on December 15, 2003 at 01:24:26:

In Reply to: Re: Yee family name...AND PROUD OF IT! posted by Rony Yee (Figueroa) on May 09, 2003 at 05:35:56:

Hello I am part of a Yee family that resides in the chicagoland area. I have a huge family of relatives that is originally here. We are planning to have a big Yee family reunion in the next couple of years to research our family history.I would like to get more info of how many Yees are there in the U.S. or I want to get to know more people that have my last name. Please give me some info


Keith Yee

Posted by Tina Yee Dorris (Hing) ( on June 20, 2004 at 19:09:28:

In Reply to: Re: Yee family name...AND PROUD OF IT! posted by Keith Yee on December 15, 2003 at 01:24:26:

I too come from the Yee family. My Father William Lai Hing was born in San Hing Village in China. My Grandfather's name was Yee F. Dock. My father married a women from Kentucky here in the State of Michigan. My parents divoriced in 1964. I have a half sister here in Detroit Sauking Ng. Hing and a half sister in China whom I met two years ago when she came to see my dying father. Her name is Oi Ng Hing. All of my American born brothers and sisters middle name as well as mine is Yee. My Father passed away last Thanksgiving Day at 95. Proud to be a Yee too. Even if I am only have Chinese. Tina

Posted by Yee Wah Sing ( on February 19, 2004 at 06:45:51:

In Reply to: Re: Yee family name...AND PROUD OF IT! posted by Keith Yee on December 15, 2003 at 01:24:26:

Can anybody give more information of the Yee
World Association that has its first meeting a copule of years ago?

Yee Wah Sing
Sydney Australia


波音公司設計工程師 余嘉強(Lawerence Y. Dong) 在今年二月喜獲 全美華人工程師學會 嘉許為本年度最佳亞裔工程師之一。本刊別此致賀。 現居華盛頓州Bellevue (在西雅圖附近),並在 波音機廠工作巳有十六年的 余嘉強 是波音新一代客機7E7 負責外型及科技策劃之領導。 其獎項之詳情可從波 音網站 獲悉。 他在底特律出生,一九八四年畢業於密芝根大學航天工程系。 其父余賢鐸亦為福特車廠之工程師,余家可謂人才輩出。 余家藉貫乃廣東省開平縣長沙區荻海南山鄉大安村人氏。


Achievements and Awards

Congratulations to 余嘉強 (Lawrence Y. Dong), who received an Asian-American Engineer of the Year award at a special award banquet hosted by the Chinese Institute of Engineers on February 28, 2004 ( view photo in PDF). Lawrence, who lives in Bellevue and works for the Boeing Company, is the configuration leader for the 7E7 program in building the next Boeing Airliner. For more details about his award, read the official news release. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Lawrence received a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering in 1984 from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His father, Yen O. Dong, an automotive engineer, has worked extensively  for the Ford Co. in Dearborn, Michigan. The Dongs are Yee Family members who originate from the Kaiping (Dik Hoi) region of Guangdong. Thanks to Mr. Yen Dong for contributing this item to the Newsletter.

If you know Yee Family members who have achieved significant milestones in their lives or recognition from their peers, consider sharing the good news in a future issue by sending the story to the Editor.


下一期的風采電子季刊將在二零零五年三月中出版。 全刊將著重報導剛結束之第二屆世界余氏懇親大會,歡迎大家投稿。稿件需在二零零五年二月一日前經電郵或郵寄 (The Editor, 226 East Georgia Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6A 1Z7) 到本刊編輯收。

The next issue of the Yee Fung Toy Global Village Voice will be published in mid March of 2005. The entire issue will be devoted to the Second World Yee Family Convention. Please submit your articles to the Editor via email or postal mail (The Editor, 226 East Georgia Street, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6A 1Z7) by February 1, 2005.

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