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Phoenix Yee Family 17th Anniversary Celebration

17th Anniversary

AAAA award to

Phoenix Group
                        at the 2006 3rd World Yee Convention Banquet


Computers For Phoenix Yees

                              YFT Learning Center

Yee Fung Toy Association Celebrate
the 2007 New Year of the Golden Boar

                              Fung Toy Association Celebrate the 2007
                              New Year of the Golden Boar

Phoenix Yee Family 18th Anniversary Celebration

ΧE风& brvbar;ߤQKP~

Phoenix delegation in SFHQ 2007

(LtoR) Ed
                        Yue, Benny Yee, John M. Yee, Rudy Yee, Willie
                        Yee, and Herb Kong.


The Phoenix Yee Fung Toy Celebrates 19th Anniversary

                              YFT 19th Anniversary Celebration


The Annual Phoenix YFT Family Association Picnic (2008)

2008 Phoenix Veterans Parade

                              Phoenix Veterans Parade


2009 Phoenix YFT Family Association Spring Banquet

                              Phoenix YFT Spring Banquet

斐匿余風采堂二零零九年春節聯歡 晚會

Ms. Lu Di H playing at the
                                斐匿余風采堂春節聯歡晚會(PYFTFA) Spring Banquet

Ms. Lu Di H playing a Gu-Zheng at the  斐匿余風采堂春節聯歡晚會
(Phoenix Yee Fung Toy Family Association) 2009 Spring Banquet


The annual 2009 Phoenix Yee Fung Toy Family picnic drew about 200 relatives and friends at Encanto Park Sunday afternoon on November 1, 2009. The weather was great in the mid 70's and everyone enjoyed both the Western and Chinese foods which include the beef and broccoli, chow mein, and barbeque pork provided by New Hong Kong restaurant and Churches fried chicken. Hot dogs and chili beans cooked by vice president David Yee and Francis Woon. The women auxiliary led by Mary Sing Yee, Gail Yee, Jean Yee, and Lynn Kong served the food. Carrot Cake and soda was also served.


The highlight of the picnic was the raffle drawing. There were toys for children and Chinese food products for the adults donated by grand elder John M. Yee. The beautiful Sunday afternoon provided an enjoyable setting for family members and friends as adults visited and children played at the 2009 Yee picnic. Everyone had a good time. Each year it gets larger and better. We are looking forward for another successful picnic next year.

Eddie Yue

Phoenix YFT at the YFT 23rd National Convention


On August 8, 2009 thirteen representatives arrived in New York City for the 23rd Annual National Yee Fung Toy Family Association convention. Included was Grand Elder John M. Yee and delegates: Eddie Yue - YFT Chapter Advisor and Regional Secretary US West of the World YFT Web Committee, Willie Yee - YFT Chapter Advisor, David M. Yee - YFT Chapter Vice President and Vice Chair of the World YFT Web Committee, and Rudy Yee - YFT Chapter President. Click here for more details.

Phoenix Yee's and friends visit

Rupert Jee's Hello Deli in New York

Fans of Late Night with David Letterman will recognize Rupert Jee and his Hello Deli in Manhattan. A native New Yorker, Jee became a regular feature on CBSs Late Night with David Letterman when the show began 18 years ago. Click here for more details.

                YFT 19th Anniversary Celebration

The Phoenix Yee Fung Toy Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The Phoenix Yee Fung Toy Family Association celebrated the 20th Anniversary of their Association Headquarter on 16th Street on April 25th. Six roasted pigs were donated for the gala event which was attended by 150 family members and guests.


Phoenix YFT Family Association Current News

Kimberly Yee is Appointed to Arizona Legislature


Well-known policy advisor Kimberly Yee has been appointed to replace former Rep. Doug Quelland.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors made the selection on Aug. 2.

Yee was one of three names that precinct committee persons from Legislative District 10 earlier submitted to the board. The other two people nominated were Francine Romesburg and Henry Grosjean.

Yee has been in the public affairs arena for more than a dozen years.

She has served as director of communications and government affairs for State Treasurer Dean Martin

She was also deputy cabinet secretary to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a senior research analyst in the Arizona Senate and a policy analyst for the State Board of Education in California Gov. Pete Wilsons administration.

In a news release, Maricopa County Supervisor Max Wilson said he nominated Yee after consulting with Gov. Jan Brewer and House Speaker Kirk Adams.

Yee, who is also running for the House in a contested primary, will serve the rest of Quellands term. Quelland was removed from office, and his seat declared vacant, in May.

Quelland fought hard to keep his seat after the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission found last year that he violated campaign finance rules during his 2008 campaign for the House by paying a consultant to do political work with money from his business.

The expenditures, the commission argued, violated rules for publicly funded candidates.

Quelland denied the allegations, arguing that any political work done by the consultant was made on a volunteer basis and that he paid only for work done for his business.

He also said he was denied due process when his office was declared vacant.

By Arizona Capitol Times Staff

Published: August 2, 2010 at 10:49 am

Supervisors name replacement for ousted lawmaker

Associated Press - August 2, 2010 2:04 PM ET